Family Child Care


Family child care homes are child care programs run by a provider in a residential setting. This is normally a mixed age group setting. Some providers offer part-time, weekend, overnight, and evening care options; flexible schedules, and the option to allow siblings to stay together.


In New York State family child care providers are registered by the NYS OCFS. They are restricted by regulations that govern the numbers and ages of the children in care, the qualifications of the caregiver, and the health and safety conditions of the facility. Care may be provided for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. 


Registered Family Child Care Providers may care for:


Up to six children if all are over 2 years of age

Up to five children if any child is under 2 years of age

No more than two children under 2 years of age

If approved, an additional two school-age children may be added

   to the maximum number of children.

The provider's own children under kindergarten age are included in 

   the maximum number of children.