Child Care Network of New York (CCNNY) 

  is a non-profit organization created  under  the guidelines of IRS section 501(c)(3) and founded with the purpose of promoting quality early child care services  by serving as a resource for all child care  related issues  for NYC families, children, and family child care professionals.

CCNNY wants to help improve, enhance, and strengthen the credibility of the  family  child care professionals of the state of New York by offering referrals, and  information  on professional development and training, technical assistance, statistics,  licensing,  registration and advocacy. 

CCNNY is an accredited CACFP Sponsor Agency for the USDA Child and Adult  Care  Food Program (CACFP) under the sponsorship of the New York State Department  of Health, serving more than 1,200+ licensed and registered Group and Family Daycare  Homes and Legally Exempt Providers across all New York City boroughs.

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Our Distinguished Board Members:

Angela Bayer-Persico, M.Ed


Bruce Koch, MSW


Lehilany T Labarca, MSILR, BBA


Arlene Valdes, M.Ed